Lucas Fernandes

Since 2010 I help businesses to communicate better by creating or improving their design strategy. In addition, I also work on the development of their websites. I have already done work in the following countries: Brazil, Portugal, Switzerland, USA and South Africa.

Work experience

Some of the companies I have worked with.
Social Persuasion
Web designer and front-end developer
USA, 2019-2020
Grupo D2C
Front-end developer
Brazil, 2019
Perspective Studio
Web designer and front-end developer
Switzerland, 2019
Design Magazine
Assistant director
Portugal, 2016-Present

Talks and events

In addition to designer and developer, I am also a speaker.
Hackathon Unigranrio
Design mentor
Brazil, 2019
Hackathon Unigranrio
Design mentor
Brazil, 2018
Arte Total
Panel on content creation
Brazil, 2017
Talk: How much is my work worth
Brazil, 2016
Talk: Designing your time (2nd ed.)
Brazil, 2016
Talk: Designing your time
Brazil, 2016
Talk: Self-promotion with personal projects
Brazil, 2015
Round table on different forms of performance of the designer
Brazil, 2015


My academic background.
MBA in Design Thinking
Brazil, 2015-2018
B.Tech. in Graphic design
Brazil, 2011-2013