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Vava Life


Social Persuasion

Technologies and tools

Wordpress, Oxygen


In this project, the client demanded a task prior to the website design, to help him identify the objectives that the page wanted to achieve and the main challenges to be overcome. For this, the agency hired for the service and I held a strategy session with the company.

We concluded that the most important thing for Vava's website would be to make it clear to visitors what the company does, as well as detailing which problems each product solves. The public would more easily understand the difference between each supplement and what kind of people they serve. Therefore, this reformulation would make the purchase decision less laborious.


With the main points of the site defined, I started to outline different layout options, never losing sight of the fact that the visual hierarchy should follow the conclusions of the strategy session.


The system chosen to meet the technical needs of the project was WordPress, with the help of the Oxygen builder to take care of the front-end. There were also some handwritten customizations.

After the completion of the main functions of the site, the text review phase came. The project was then handed over to Vava's internal team for final adjustments and publication.